Singapore’s Digital Assets Exchange Rating 2018-Q3

Institute of Blockchain™ has published the first Singapore’s Digital Assets Exchange Rating 2018. 9 exchanges headquartered in Singapore are assessed from 13 rubrics in which some rubrics include security, liquidity, the ability to fiat in and out, community activity, public survey/perception, and customer support response time.

In particularly customer support response time, a case scenario of an account being hacked of more than USD$10000

were presented to the exchanges. Out of 9 exchanges, 6 has a response time of less than 1 hour and 3 has a response time of more than 1 hour.

This year, 2 exchanges made it to the A grade namely Bcoin and Tokenize, we got a few Bs and 1 C.

We will be publishing this rating on a quarterly basis with the possibility of adding more stringent rubric such as quality of customer service, listing requirements, KYC etc.. and considering foreign exchanges which as an office in Singapore for rating. If you believe that you are operating a Singapore based exchange and would like to be included in next rating, please write to

Note: This rating serves as a guide to the exchange’s standing in Singapore and should not be used as a clear indication for investment.

Individuals are still encouraged to perform their own due diligence before investing in cryptocurrency