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Our Testimonials

Given some insight and kick start my curiosity in the world of blockchain

Shaun Lee (Singapore)


The best valued one day course that covers all important aspects of blockchain & cryptocurrency.

Wei Lin (Singapore)

Project Manager

Overall it was a refreshing course and the comments were very interesting

Bryan Choo (Singapore)


I find it informative, with lots of useful content, unlike other courses out there

Mr Woo (Singapore)

General Manager

I will recommend more friends in the future

Joshua Lim (Singapore)


Course covers a wide topic

Zell Teo (Singapore)


The course conducted was very informative, learnt alot from the sharng and blockchain tech was also presented clearly

Edward Lim (Singapore)


The course conducted was really a great exposure and introduction to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

Fattah (Singapore)


Great Course!

Jocelyn Poh (Singapore)

Marketing Manager

Advanced class on topics like blockchain programming, understanding trading, and analyzing ICOs would be good

John (USA)


Thanks, it was great to give me some knowledge. and would like to have more technical course next time

Masakazu (Japan)




IBS will be offering an online certification programme which will be launching  from Q1 2019 onwards.

  • Certified Blockchain Consultant™ [CBC]

Future programmes in the pipeline:

  1. Graduate Diploma in Blockchain Technology [GDBT]
  2. Blockids Bootcamp
  3. ISO TC307 – Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology Standards Certification

Block Units

Our Learning Units is the Block Units or BU. To complete a programme, respective BU has to be met.

Completion Requirements:

  1. Certified Blockchain Consultant™ [CBC] (10 BU)
  2. Graduate Diploma in Blockchain Technology (20 BU)


Each module completed awards 1 to 2 BU. See Modules

Modules can be enrolled as a standalone course instead of a full programme and it is stackable to other programmes.

e.g. if Alice has completed Module IBS-01 for Programme A, after completion of programme, if she wants to enroll in Programme B, she need not repeat the module if the same module is offered under Programme A and B.

E.g.: After completing Programme A that is 10 BU, Alice  wants to take on Programme B which requires 20 BU to complete, Alice only requires 10 more BU because Programme B requires 20 BU to graduate.


IBS believes in Open Education and lifelong learning, therefore there is no pre-requisite or academic requirements for enrollment in our programmes.

Learners can enroll either by modular or by programme

Assessment & Exam

Module Summative Assessment: Each module comes with a end of module assessment and participant are require to pass the assessment to complete the module.

Certification Exam: There will be one Final Exam for all Programmes which is to be taken either online or a designated exam centre.

There is no grading in our assessment or exam. Results will only be classified as:

Score of 75 or higher: Competent (COM)

Score of lesser than 75: Not Yet Competent (NYC)

Participant has ONE retake attempt, if subsequently failed after retake, participant has to repeat the entire module.

For appealing of results, please write to



An Electronic Certification will be issued on NEM Blockchain and awarded upon fullfilling:

  • 75% of the course attendance
  • Passed 75% & above for assessment
  • Completed End of Course Survey

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to all successful completion of a Module.

A Certificate of Attainment will be awarded to all successful completion of a Programme.

Course Funding

SkillsFuture Funding

  • SkillsFuture Credit Claim is for all Singaporean Citizens aged 25 and above.
  • SkillsFuture Credit can be used on top of existing government course subsidies to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses including IBS’s courses.
  • IBS Policy: No upfront payment is required, individuals will submit the use of credits claim upon receiving course invoice.
  • For more information, please visit SkillsFuture Singapore
  • Step by Step Claim Instructions: Refer to

NTUC's e2i Funding

  • Course Fee Supported under e2i Training Grant (For Singaporeans/PRs working in the financial services industry):
  • Professionals (Singaporean/PR) in the financial services industry enjoy nett course fee funding based on 50% of course fee capped at $60.

  • Course Fee Supported under UTAP (For NTUC members):
  • NTUC members enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support capped at $250. To claim after training, please refer to
  • For more information, please visit NTUC e2i.