Institute of Blockchain™ concluded our first management team meeting last Saturday and we would like to congratulate on the following new appointments: Alvin Chua - President Manoj Thacker - Vice President Bill Chan - General Secretary Chris Toh - Assistant General Secretary Cathy Zhu -

Our President Mr Alvin Chua is honoured to speak at the Bloconomic 2018 ( He will be speaking in a panel discussion on Cyber Safety in Blockchain. We thank the organiser for the invitation.

Our President, Mr Alvin Chua spoke as a panelist in the GMGC's World Blockchain Conference. The topic was "Blockchain In Asian Countries". Mr Alvin shared from Singapore's perspective in terms of blockchain education, challenges or shortages of blockchain developers, skillsets required

Thank you BCoin for the invitation. Our President will share about Securing your Digital Assets. This session is a milestone as it will be the advent of a full module on both Blockchain Security and Cryptocurrency Security developed by Institute

Institute of Blockchain Singapore Article Author: Andrew Ong #IBS #instituteofblockchain #blockchain #blockchaineducation Blockchain technology is commonly identified as the underlying technology of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Yet, there are potentially many use cases that exist beyond cryptocurrencies that can help us rethink and reconstruct

On the 25th May 2018, Institute of Blockchain Singapore (IBS) officially graduated from the inagural Alibaba Cloud-SUSS Entrepreneurship Programme. We would like to thank the alumni members and supporters whom attended the event and been rooting for us. The journey toward entrepreneurship