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Singapore Blockchain Rating (SBR)

The Singapore Blockchain Rating (or SBR) focus on entities that are either blockchain or non-blockchain entities based in Singapore claiming to have a use case of blockchain.

The entity will be assessed on a set of criterias and evidence to prove whether there is indeed a use case of blockchain. The following questions will be posed to the entities:

a) Which blockchain are you using?
b) What consensus are you using?
c) If creating own blockchain, how many blockchain nodes are currently deployed and source to check network status?
d) What is your Blockchain Explorer ‘s URL?
e) Is it a public or private blockchain?
f) What is your blockchain use case?
g) Response time or no response to the above questions.



  1. Biggworld – Entity has not responded to since 1 Oct 18.
  2. JioJioMe – Entity has not responded since 1 Oct 18.
  3. Success Resources’s Success Life – Entity has not responded since 18 Oct 18)
  4. Zuen Chain  – Entity has not responded since 18 Oct 18)
  5. Noble Vici   – Entity has not responded since 1 Nov 18)








BL0 – Entity is suspected to have no true use case of Blockchain, while IBS is in the process to verify the status.

BL1 – Entity has no true use case of blockchain or did not respond to IBS’s questions within a reasonable period. Consumers/investors has to do their own due diligence before dealing with the entity.

BL2 – Entity has blended use case of blockchain and non-blockchain applications.

BL3 – Entity has full use case of blockchain.

Entities listed in SBR can write to with justifications to appeal your rating if you believe that the rating is not correct. However, if the appeal is not justified, the rating will remain unchanged.

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