The Blockchain Repository is a collection of e-books and publications relating to Blockchain from various entities across the globe. It is the world’s largest online library for blockchain.

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Current documents in the repository: 40




  1. Bitcoin: Banking Law vs Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin For Dummies
  3. Bitcoin Whitepaper
  4. Blockchain At Berkeley
  5. Blockchain Council’s Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE)
  6. Blockchain Infographics
  7. Blockchain Use Cases (Non Financial Services)
  8. CB Insights’s Publications
  9. C4’s Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP)
  10. Cyberlaw Institute’s How The Blockchain Technology May Reshape Financial Services
  11. Disciplina: Blockchain for Education
  12. Ethereum’s Whitepaper
  13. Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin & Blockchain
  14. Global Blockchain Industry Overview and Prospects
  15. HANDBOOK OF DIGITAL CURRENCY – Bitcoin, Innovation, Financial Instruments, and Big Data [2015]
  16. History and the Future of Blockchain
  17. IBM;s Publications
  18. IBS’s BlockTerms
  19. IBS’s Overview of Blockchain
  20. ICO Guidelines Lithuania
  21. Imran Bashir’s Mastering Blockchain – 2nd Edition
  22. Intrepid Ventures’s Bitcoin Whitepaper Made Simple
  23. Joint Research Centre (JRC) Policy Report – Blockchain in Education
  24. Kingsland’s Publications
  25. MAS’s Publications
  26. Medici’s Know More About Blockchain
  27. Melanie Swan’s Blockchain: Blueprint for A New Economy
  28. Microsoft Azure’s Publications
  29. Multichain
  30. Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance
  31. Proof of Work & Blockchains
  32. PwC’s Publications
  33. Ripple’s Developing Blockchain Software
  34. Siraj Raval’s Decentralized Applications: Harnessing Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology
  35. SUSS Blockchain Workshops
  36. Swiss Legal Framework DLT and Blockchain
  37. The Blockchain or Distributed Trust
  38. UM’s Malaysia Blockchain Regulatory Report
  39. University of Nicosia DFIN-511 Introduction to Digital Currencies
  40. World Bank’s Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Blockchain