Blockchain Explorer (Top 15 Blockchains in Alphabetical Order With Tokens)

  1. Ardor (No. of Nodes)
  2. BitShares (No. of Nodes)
  3. Counterparty (No. of Nodes)
  4. Ethereum (No. of Nodes)
  5. Ethereum Classic  (No. of Nodes)
  6. EOS  (No. of Nodes)
  7. NEO  (No. of Nodes)
  8. NEM  (No. of Nodes)
  9. NXT  (No. of Nodes)
  10. Omni  (No. of Nodes)
  11. Ontology  (No. of Nodes)
  12. QTUM  (No. of Nodes)
  13. Stellar  (No. of Nodes)
  14. Ubiq  (No. of Nodes)
  15. Vechain  (No. of Nodes)

Other Blockchain Explorer

  1. Bitcoin  (No. of Nodes)
  2. Litecoin  (No. of Nodes)
  3. Monero  (No. of Nodes)
  4. ICON  (No. of Nodes)
  5. Zcash  (No. of Nodes)

Singapore’s Entities Using Blockchain

  1. Bluezelle (Use Case: Data Management)
  2. Electrify Asia (Use Case: Energy)
  3. Eximchain (Use Case: Supply Chain Trade Finance)
  4. GovTech (Work In Progresss: OpenCerts – Issue and verification of academic certificate)
  5. Indorse (Use Case: Business Profile & Skills Validation)
  6. Kyber Network (Use Case: Decentralized Exchange)
  7. LogisticsX (Use Case: Logistics/Supply Chain)
  8. Lunch Actually’s Viola.Ai (Use Case: Dating)
  9. Monetary Authority of Singapore (Work In Progress: Project Ubin)
  10. MediLot (Use Case: Healthcare)
  11. MegaX (Use Case: Retail)
  12. Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Use Case: Issue and verification of academic certificate)
  13. PolicyPal Network (Use Case: Insurance)
  14. Singapore Airlines (Use Case: Loyalty Points)
  15. Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (Use Case: E-Certificate of Origin)
  16. Singapore Power (Use Case: Energy)
  17. Yojee (Use Case: Logistics / Supply Chain)
  18. Zilliqa (Use Case: Platform)

Blockchain As A Service (BaaS)

  1. Amazon Web Services
  2. Baidu
  3. JP Morgan Quorum
  4. IBM Hyperledger Fabric
  5. Microsoft Azure
  6. R3 Corda

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Careers/Jobs

Case Studies