Fintech / Financial 金融科技 / 金融

Kommerce was founded by Harveen Narulla, Karen Teoh and Dustin Lau in response to the large and persistent gap in trade finance in Africa.

An introduction to a Rwandan kiosk shop owner’s challenges with credit, became an exploration of systemic reasons for the trade finance gap in Africa, and eventually a realisation that blockchain technology holds the keys to solve this problem.

Trade is a key lever for people in Africa to improve incomes and achieve prosperity.

Kommerce deploys blockchain, cryptocurrency and data analysis to empower African businesses to access capital markets – and for capital markets to safely and efficiently finance African businesses.

Use Case: PAL Network

Sentinel Chain is a B2B marketplace specifically designed to provide affordable and secure financial services to the unbanked.

Sentinel Chain – a blockchain-based international marketplace for cross-border financial services will be the world’s first platform to accept the use of livestock as collateral.

Taking a unique approach to the last mile problem of financial inclusion, the Sentinel Chain model establishes livestock provenance through the creation of livestock insurance on blockchain — the registration of livestock provenance on blockchain unlocks ‘dead capital’ and provides the unbanked with a new opportunity: the real possibility of accepting livestock as ‘collateral’ for loans.