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This directory is expanding and is not an exhaustive list at the moment and we welcome any contribution to the directory by clicking New Listing. This directory is primarily for Singapore based organisations using blockchain or providing blockchain solutions. Global/International organisation, you may list under Global Ecosystem.

Disclaimer: While IBS maintains this directory, we do not endorse any of the organisations listed and all listed organisations are with REAL & ACTUAL blockchain applications or use case. Listing with no applications or dubious organisations WILL NOT be listed.

此名录正在扩展,目前不是详尽的列表,我们欢迎通过点击New Listing对目录做出任何贡献。 该名录主要面向使用区块链或提供区块链解决方案的新加坡组织。 全球/国际组织,您可以在”全球生态“下列出。


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