Our Institute 关于学院

Institute of Blockchain™ (IBS), UEN: 201801117M) was founded on Jan 2018 and based in Singapore. We are a non-profit blockchain school with the primary focus on advancement & delivering blockchain education, certification and blockchain research. Til date, IBS has trained more than 980 participants in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Institute is a SkillsFuture Singapore’s, NTUC e2i’s and People’s Association approved Training Organisation, a registered Singapore Government’s Gebiz supplier and graduated from the Alibaba Cloud-SUSS Entrepreneurship Programme. IBS is a member of ACE Startups, World Blockchain Association and NEM Foundation Ecosystem.

As part of our CSR efforts, we joined the NVPC’s Company of Good and adopted Singapore Children’s Society as our official charity. Our strategic partners are SUSS, Edufied, IBM Academic Initiative, DIFY, Justicius Law Corporation & CryptoProfile. Our past corporate clients includes Deloitte Touche, GCOX, Sainmaco, Ninecoin (Hongkong), Tuandai (Guangzhou), Singapore Customs & Singapore Polytechnic.

Interesting Facts:
– Crunchbase’s Top 2000 schools in the world.
– 1st blockchain school in Singapore.
– 1st Singapore’s school to accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment (TXID:


该学院是SkillsFuture Singapore,NTUC e2i和人民协会批准的培训机构,是新加坡政府注册的Gebiz供应商,毕业于阿里云-新加坡新跃社科大学企业培训计划。 IBS是ACE Startups,World Blockchain Association和NEM Foundation Ecosystem的成员。

作为CSR的一部分,我们加入了NVPC的Good of Company,并将新加坡儿童协会作为我们的官方慈善机构。我们的战略合作伙伴包括新加坡新跃社科大学,Edufied,IBM Academic Initiative,DIFY,Justicius Law Corporation和CryptoProfile。

我们过去的企业客户包括德勤,GCOX,Sainmaco,玖币(香港),团贷(广州),新加坡海关和新加坡理工学院。 有趣的事实: – Crunchbase全球2000强学校。 – 新加坡第一个区块链学校。 – 新加坡第一所接受加密货币作为支付方式的学校(TXID https// of Good Standing & Incorporation (Click to View)

Our Community & Network 我们的社区和网络

IBS Community
Students Trained
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Communities

Our Vision 我们的愿景

To be Asia’s leading institute for blockchain education


Our Mission 我们的任务

Bridging gaps to the blockchain ecosystem through our delivery


Our Core Values 我们的核心价值观

B – Inculcating Blockchain 灌输区块链

L – Legacy of Learning 学习的遗产

O – Open Education 开放教育

C – Community Building 社区建设

K – Knowledge-driven 知识驱动

Our Ethos 我们的精神

Building a cohesive & inclusive blockchain community


Our 3 Key Thrusts 我们的3个关键推力

Blockchain Education: Blockchain As A Skill (BAASK)


Bridging Blockchain Professionals to industry


Blockchain Rating & R&D